Here we go again!
If you participated in our 2015 reunion then you know how magical it was. We planned the last event in 2 months and it was a grand success of togetherness.
This year we are asking that we as a collective share in the preparation of the magic of the weekend.
We will have committees for the venue, food, entertainment and the like. If you are interested in joining a committee please do!
We are seeking all hands on deck again to ensure we make this event more memorable than our last.
Classic! 😎
This page is solely for the collection of dues. We will continue to communicate and be engaged on our Team Holloway event page via Facebook.

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    Deposit $ 25.00
    We are asking that each adult submit payment by this date in order to book the event space.
    Where:Pooler, GA 31322
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    Registration Fee$ 30.00
    We all know the saying, "Feed the children first and if there's anything left, then I'll eat." This is the final payment we are asking for from each adult.
    Where:Pooler, GA 31322
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    Kayla Smith
    Lynette Holloway
    Tyshawn Smith
    Derek Holloway
    Kimberly Holloway
    Kristen Holloway
    Eloise Jeter
    William Jeter
    Phyllis Mock
    Eloise Holloway
    Judy Rose
    Rodney Jeter
    Kendral Owens
    Meghan Clark
    Kendel Thompson
    Ashley Martin
    Stephanie Moreno
    Anthony Robinson
    Mauri West
    Roy Bell
    Arlinda Grissett
    Sequoia Manor
    Shadae Manor
    Carrie Kenny
    Dawn Kenny
    Van Meadows
    Kameron Holloway
    Rashad Walker
    Sallie Holloway
    Dawnasia Smith
    Charles Holloway
    Laura Holloway
    Karen Jeter-Thompson
    Daniel Kenny
    Janai Kenny
    Sandra Kenny
    Angela Scriven
    Benjamin Scriven
    Jasmane Bradley
    Deniece Dawkins
    Tres Dawkins
    Lisa Holloway
    Michael Holloway
    Pat Holloway
    Daniel Javon Kenny
    Lavarsha Kenny
    Daniel Kenny Jr
    Joseph Teel
    Candice Manor
    Total 49